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Online Opportunities for Making Money

Want some extra cash? There are many ways to make some money online.

Some of the ways are easy and some require extra skills.There are many sites online who offers you a ready platform to earn money. Register to one of them or all of them with your real name and a valid email. Registering with your real name and your best email will make things easierwhen you will have profits and you want to Cash out.

Be cautious when you choose the platforms you will participate,use Google to check a site before you register with them. If you have friends that make money online, ask for their affiliate link wherever that’s applicable, in the future you will give yours to others and you will build your own small network. Let’s take a look to what you can do with simply your computer and an internet connection.

Sites that require Skills or a small capital to start:

At Fiver if you have skills in design, writing content, recording a video or any other activity related to advertising  you can get $3.80 easily by selling a gig to someone who is looking for a creative guy with skills like yours!
Gigs sold there are about almost everything related to web design and web coding. You can sell banner design, logo design; web site’s landing page design, a web site theme or template design; coding part of a website or the entire website. Basic Gig starts at $5.00 and can reach a lot of hundreds depending on the work to be done and how advance is the seller. You need to be advanced in design or have a very good knowledge of programming with PHP or Java to earn big. Otherwise you can offer small gigs like recording a video as a client of a website, commenting on blogs and getting paid for that and much more! Each gig starts at $5.00 you get $4.00 and Fiver gets $1.00

If you have eCommerce website already and sales aren’t that good or you don’t have website yet and you want to sell like professional you can participate at Amazon. Of course that requires you already have some goods to sell either they are virtual, downloadable or real goods. You can start selling at Amazon for free for one (1) month and after that $39.99 a month + additional selling fees. Its bit expensive for sales but it has a huge client’s base especially in U.K. and the United States.

If it happens that you have a lot of things that you bought in the past and you don’t need them anymore you can try to sell them at EBay. Start looking at your closet or in the attic for stuff that you don’t need anymore. There is always someone out there who need or will buy what we don’t use anymore. At EBay you need to use your best email, the one associated with your PayPal account so you can receive funds from selling and pay for your listings. Usually they offer the first 100 listings of small value for free. They might also charge additional selling fees, something that PayPal also will do. So start with the value for each item you want to sell, adding eBay fees, and PayPal fees and the cost of delivery to customer. Make sure to check with your post office the cost of delivery for your country, for your continent and for overseas. You can start selling only for your country and later sell to your continent and overseas. You can do that by choosing in what countries you will send your goods.

Almost everyone nowadays have a Facebook account. Did you know that you can sell your goods at Facebook too? They have their own platform for selling it’s Shopify! You can check Shopify platform at the website
You can either register with them directly at their website OR use your Facebook account to start selling with them. You don’t need to have your own eCommerce website as they will offer you all the tools needed to build one and start selling. They have a lot of plans for tiny shops with 100 items to large shops with thousands of items for sale.

  • Writing articles

There are many sites that will pay you for writing some articles.  You can do a google search to check what is suitable for you and the level of writing skills these sites require. A great place to publish your articles is:

At Hubpages you write articles about an original and useful topic. Once published; they surround your article with affiliate links and advertisements related to your content. Most ads came from Google AdSense and their AdPrograms at EBay and Amazon. Once you reach $100 earnings from Google AdSense or $50 earnings from Hubpages AdProgram you can cash out through PayPal.

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